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The evaluation context provides the background information that will help to make choices about how the evaluation needs to be carried out (Why? What? How?).

Any evaluation is bound to a specific context (i.e. the surveillance system; the nature of the disease; the decision makers need; the cost requirements, legal requirements etc…). The choice of type, level and elements to be included in the Evaluation process will depend on the broader socio-economic context within which the evaluation is being performed.

It is important to defined the most relevant question adapted to the surveillance context and user/decision maker needs. An evaluation protocol should be adapted to the specific case study context including, e.g., surveillance objective and decision maker needs.

Some elements of the context are essential to frame the evaluation and define the evaluation question and also to analyse and discuss te outputs of the evaluation by setting them back in their context.

Table 1 presents the elements of context which are essential in the framing of surveillance system evaluation.This table has been developed by expert opinion elicitation within the framework of the EU RISKSUR project.

Context elements
Surveillance objective
Impact on the selection of evaluation attributes
Hazard name
Provides information on the disease under evaluation which will impact the complexity of the evaluation (e.g. between animal disease and zoonotic diseases)
Geographical area
Provides information on the scale of evaluation
Legal requirements
Provides information on the need to meet an effectiveness target or not
Strengths and weaknesses about current approach
Provide summary information on the rational behind the decision to evaluate
Stakeholder concerns about current approach
Provide information on the involvement and interest of decision makers in the evaluation process
Alternative strategies to consider
Provides information on the type of evaluation required (based on a counterfactual or not)
Do you want to evaluate or change the system or some components in the system ?
Provide information on the level of evaluation
How many components will you include in this evaluation?
Provides information on the number of counterfactual considered
Are you considering risk-based options?
Relevant for the inclusion of the attribute risk-based criteria definition in the evaluation plan
Will you consider the costs of surveillance in your evaluation?
Provides information on the interest of economic evaluation
Do you know the current cost of your system and/or components?
Provides information on the data required
Do you have a budget constraint?
Provides information to define the economic evaluation (meeting a budget target or not)
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