This page has been developed by M.Peyre and C. Calba, CIRAD-AGIRs

A review of the Health Evaluation Guides

Many evaluation guides are available in the litterature to undertake an evaluation process.
Within the framework of RISKSUR project we have reviewed those guides:
- to identify the gaps and needs in the available frameworks and current methods;
- to provide elements on the advantages and limits of each available guides and to help the user to select the most appropriate approach.
(Adapted from Calba et al., 2015, BMC Public Health)

None of the guides identified in this review provide a framework for a comprehensive evaluation (including economics) of health surveillance systems.
This review performed by Clementine Calba is freely available online (Calba et al., BMC Public Health, 2015).

Toward and integrated evaluation framework

An innovative framework was developed within RISKSUR project to fill in these gaps and allow for both design and evaluation of animal health surveillance systems.

This wikispace is part of the RISKSUR innovative Evaluation framework along with the EVA tool.

More information on the RISKSUR frameworks and tools are also available on the RISKSUR project website

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