Most health hazards are complex and need to be addressed in a holistic manner. When it comes to surveillance, many multisectoral systems are being developed under the One Health paradigm, with the strong support of governments and the scientific community. To create relevant multisectoral surveillance systems, collaboration needs to be established or strengthened across sectors, professions, disciplines, and decision-making scales. However, there is no single organizational model for multisectoral surveillance systems and collaboration must be properly designed, in coherence with the collaborative context and objective, to produce expected and reliable outputs and to ensure stakeholders’ commitment. In this context, a specific tool - ECoSur - has been developed to allow for an in-depth analysis of the organization and functioning of collaboration taking place in a multisectoral surveillance system. It aims at evaluating the overall quality of such collaboration to meet the collaborative objective desired by stakeholders.

ECoSur is composed of four elements.

• A spreadsheet file, referred as Data collection file, allows the collection of preliminary information on all the different surveillance actors and components of the multisectoral surveillance system being evaluated. It includes two sheets, one specific to the surveillance components and one to actors.

• A text file, referred as Data collection form, allows a synthesis of all data describing precisely collaboration for governance and implementation of surveillance activities in the multisectoral surveillance system that will be used to score the evaluation attributes.

• A spreadsheet, referred as Evaluation matrix, allows the scoring of criteria and displays the evaluation results for all attributes.

A guidance is available to help users applying the tool.

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