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The RISKSUR project aimed to develop decision support tools for the design of cost-effective risk-based surveillance systems that integrate the most recent advances in epidemiological methodologies, based on an interdisciplinary approach and tailored to the needs of individual EU Members States.
RISKSUR training modules
RISKSUR e-learning modules for self-study cover various methodologies for surveillance design and evaluation. The material consists of both methodological as well as applied aspects of methods. Special emphasis is given to illustrative information, particularly case studies, based on evidence produced in RISKSUR project
RISKSUR Glossary
The glossary includes established definitions that have been published elsewhere as well as suggestions for additional terms or refinements where gaps or difficulties in understanding were identified by the RISKSUR consortium.
RISKSUR Surveillance Design Framework
A surveillance design framework was developed under the RISKSUR project with the aim of structuring the process of designing, documenting and re-designing animal health surveillance.This surveillance design Tool is accessible via this link. This wikispace also lists all the content and advice to support users who want to design animal surveillance activities.

Evaluation initiatives

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