The EVA tool will evaluate my system? FALSE !

The EVA tool gives you a complete protocol to perform the evaluation but it does not evaluate your system directly. For more information on how evaluation of animal health surveillance system works go to the “Evaluation process” section of the EVA wiki.

The EVA tool will help me decide which attributes to include in my evaluation? TRUE!

The EVA tool will give me guidance on how to perform and economic evaluation? TRUE!

Assessment methods

Where can I learn how to measure the evaluation attributes?

As you have noticed the EVA tool provides a list of assessment methods that could be used to measure the evaluation attributes along with their advantages and limits (for some of them).
However the tool does not teach you how to apply the method.
To learn more about the method and find links and references on their application and available training course please look into the EVA wiki “Assessment methods” page and then into the wiki page of the specific method you are interested in.

Design of surveillance system or new component

Where can I get advice on how to design a new surveillance component?

You can go to the DESIGN tool section of the RISKSUR tools to get guidance on how to design or re-design a new component to improve its performances.

When should I design or re-design a surveillance component?

Evaluation concepts

What is the difference between efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency?

  • Efficacy: Ability to produce a desired amount of a desired effect.
    • E.g.: The ability to have a sensitivity of 90%
  • Effectiveness: The capacity or potential for achieving results. The property of being effective (efficacy), of achieving results.
    • E.g.: The sensitivity is sufficient to meet the surveillance objectives
  • Efficiency: The extent to which a resource is used for the intended purpose.
    • E.g. the ratio of useful work to energy expended
    • E.g. the ratio of effectiveness of my system according to its costs

When should I evaluate my surveillance systems and/or components?

It depends on the objective of your evaluation:

  • To plan/design a new system/component: the evaluation should be done after designing and before starting the implementation (base on simulation). This is en //ex-ante// evaluation.
  • To check if my system/component is working well, to implement corrective actions or document the performances: the evaluation should be done while the system is running (note: the current system/components could also be compared with new design). This is an //in-itinere// evaluation.
  • To learn lessons from surveillance system/component that has been stopped and to inform new planning: when the surveillance system/component has been ended and before implementing/designing a new one. This is an //ex-post// evaluation.

Should I also look into the functional aspects of my system during my evaluation?

What is the difference between technical, process and comprehensive evaluation?

Evaluation context

I get an error message when trying to create a new evaluation context

Before starting an evaluation you need to define the system you wish to evaluate. Click here to get more information on how to define the surveillance system.

Evaluation attributes

I get an error message when trying to select an evaluation attribute

How can I include functional attributes in my evaluation protocol?

Surveillance system and components

What is the difference between surveillance system and surveillance component?

I get an error message when I select the components to evaluate

  • Tip 1: The number of component you select should match the number of component you have described in your evaluation context.
  • Tip 2: You are working at system level so the tool do not allow you to select components. If you want to work at component level you need to edit your evaluation context

How can I select the components I want to include in the evaluation?

If you are working at component level the tool will direct you to the “select component” page after you have selected your evaluation context. On this page you have to tick the boxes of the component you want to include in your evaluation. Please note that the number of component selected should match the number you have entered in your evaluation context.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Before selecting the component you need to describe them: click on the “add component” link.

How can I describe the components of my system?

  • Tip 1: After describing your surveillance system, you can directly go to the design section to describe your components before starting the evaluation
  • Tip 2: After selecting your evaluation context, the tool will automatically direct you to the page “Select your evaluation component”, on this page you can click on “Add component” to start describing your components

How can I define the surveillance system I want to evaluate

Tip: you need to go to "Surveillance System" section in the RISKSUR Tool an either:

  • select an existing surveillance system by clicking on the button “List existing Systems” and then click on the surveillance system name from the list
  • create a new surveillance system by clicking on the button “New Surveillance System”
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