Welcome to the RISKSUR support to EVALUATE animal health surveillance!

A framework for the Evaluation of animal health surveillance systems including a tool to define the evaluation plan (EVA Tool) (link to the tool) has been developed under the RISKSUR project (http://www.fp7-risksur.eu/).

The aim was to provide a structured approach for an integrated evaluation including strenghts and weaknesses of the process, effectiveness and economics.
The EVA tool is link to this wikispace which provides all the content and advice to support users needs to evaluate their surveillance systems.
This evaluation wikispace provides indepth knowledge on the concept, methods and tools presented and used in the EVA tool (EVA tool link).

The evaluation framework was informed by extensive reviews of the literature, as well as a review of existing surveillance systems in Europe. The framework now lives on this wiki space in order to be improved and updated by a user community of evaluators.

You can navigate through the pages of this wikispace (right menu) to get information on how to plan and implement an evaluation process, as well as usefulbackground information on evaluation and evaluation methods.

Target users: The evaluation framework was developed for experts in charge of surveillance evaluation. The users are therefore expected to be competent and technical level users with experience in surveillance, animal health surveillance and/or evaluation. Likely it will not be an individual, but rather a team, gathering knowledge in epidemiology and surveillance. The team is also expected to be supported by diagnostic experts and ideally an economic advisor.

As you will see in the step by step advice in the EVA tool, the users are guided through the different elements of an evaluation process and more especially the planning phase.

When planning an evaluation, the user is guided through 3 main steps : defining the evaluation context ; defining the evaluation question ; selecting the evaluation attributes and economic criteria.
Through each of these steps, the user is presented with his decision on how to frame the evaluation which needs to be documented. The user is given advice and information gathered from the literature and expert opinion, as well as links to any relevant methods and tools. This WIKI space allows users to contribute informing the process providing dynamic and peer-reviewed advice.

The output of the process is an evaluation plan informed by current epidemiological knowledge and tools as well as full documentation of the choices made. The tool also provides guidance on how to implement and report on the evaluation.

The results of the evaluation itself will inform surveillance design and/or re-design.

This evaluation framework is linked to the RISKSUR surveillance design tool (DESIGN tool - http://www.fp7-risksur.eu/). Together, the two frameworks promote a structured and systematic approach for surveillance design and evaluation, promoting comparable, transparent and cost-effective surveillance.

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This WIKI and all RISKSUR tools are shared under the principles of the non-commercial Creative Commons (CC) license “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International”.

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