Enhancements are incentives to encourage participation in the surveillance activities, such as awareness campaigns and monetary or other incentives to reporting. This is particularly important for passive surveillance (enhanced passive) components where offering an incentive can significantly increase the likelihood that suspect cases are reported. The diagram below illustrates the steps in which enhancements can be applied in a typical passive surveillance system but incentives may also be applied to active surveillance.

The numbers in the figure above correspond to the following list of enhancements:
1. Payment of other financial rewards for notifications
2. Training to increase awareness and recognition of clinical signs
3. Awareness campaigns to improve recognition of disease and awareness of reporting obligations/procedures.
4. Payment of financial compensation for the losses the farmer may incur after a confirmation of notifiable disease
5. Provision of alternative routes of reporting such as a phone hotline or notification by SMS
6. Payment of the testing cost or some other form of mutual agreement such as farmer receiving advice in return
7. Mandatory/legal obligation to carry out diagnosis of exclusion

Surveillance designers should document as many enhancements or other incentives to participation as are suitable for each surveillance component, either from those listed in diagram above or any other that may be relevant.

Framework details: In the RISKSUR framework tool, the following details are suggested to be recorded for each enhancement:
A) Enhancement/Incentive name (examples on diagram above)
B) Target (e.g. public, farmers, veterinarians)
C) Responsibility for implementing/ overseeing
D) Financial responsibility
E) Frequency e.g monthly, quartely, yearly)
F) Further information and description

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