This steps refers to how data/samples going to be transferred from the point of collection to the point of analyses. The point of analysis for samples is typically the laboratory, and the point of analysis for data is typically an epidemiologist.

A data/sample transfer protocol should be available or prepared. It should define for instance the mode of transfer (for instance: • Manual, • Telephone, • Electronic, • Postal Courier), who pays for it, etc.

What is the frequency of information/sample transfer? For instance: needed)

  • As soon as received (immediate/real-time).
  • In a fixed schedule eg weekly, monthly.
  • In batches after a certain number of samples is reached.

It should be consideredr whether training is needed for data transfer. This could be as simple as the creation of a manual, and its dissemination. Details to be documented include frequency, institution responsible, target audience, etc.

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