Once a team of surveillance designers has documented the current (or desired) design of the surveillance system, it is time to think about how to strengthen the design by optimizing performance using specific evaluation attributes to assess the effectiveness of the surveillance

To evaluate the system according to specific effectiveness measures, the team should use
the EVA tool (External Link) and the EVA WIKI

If it has been determined, using the EVA tool or other means, that the surveillance system needs to be re-designed in order to improve effectiveness assessed using specific evaluation attributes, them the advice in the re-design pages should be consulted.

Evaluation attributes related to the effectiveness of surveillance, as well as cost considerations, are listed below. Click on each desired attribute to visit their page and review advice regarding how different steps of surveillance design can impact performance or costs.

In the Surveillance design framework tool (visit the webtool or download the offline tool) the user will find evaluation attribute specific pages which will allow them to review the information entered during the design of surveillance, in light of the advice presented in the pages below.

In addition to reviewing your design in relation to these evaluation attributes, you can also review your design to improve multiple-hazard capacity. Visit the appropriate page clicking on the link or using the navigation menu to the right.

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